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Recap of a busy week

November 05, 2011 @ 18:41 By: gordon Category: General, Geocaching, Out and about, Travelling

I had a fairly busy week this week. To put things in context, I’ve put together a little table that shows what I was up to.


Started in

Ended in





Hallowe’en; Packing for my flight early Tuesday morning




Up at 4AM in order to catch my 0615 flight to Toronto; attended Display Fireworks Safety and Legal Awareness Course; Became certified Display Assistant for display fireworks




Flew to Edmonton in the morning then headed to regional office until sometime after 9PM local time




Headed to regional office for a few hours in the morning; evacuated building due to fire alarm; finished work in morning; did some geocaching in the early afternoon; returned to regional office until sometime after 9PM local time




Up at 0545 for my flight back to Ottawa (could have gotten a bit more sleep if the Edmonton airport (YEG) was closer to Edmonton)

So, several very long days that started way too early in the morning. Sleeping in this morning was nice and I’m looking forward to repeating that tomorrow.

I went and got ’em

November 01, 2011 @ 21:08 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

I headed out with fellow geocachers Nikon-Guy and Photocrasher to see how many caches we could find at the Go And Get ‘Em 16 (GC3486K) Friday evening that I wrote about last week. We started the evening with a couple of FTFs (first to finds) and then started bumping into other catchers as the evening wore on. With the exception of one cache that we found Friday evening, the caches were good hides. We finished the evening with a pair of caches in the west end that involved trooping through the woods, projecting new waypoints using information on small copper tags. Another team of catchers joined us along the way and when we found the cache we discovered that it was full of little bottles of Coke, which were a welcome treat after our trek through the woods!

Saturday saw me and Nikon-Guy head out to find a bunch of caches in the afternoon, including a series in the south end near Albion and Mitch Owens. At 6pm we stopped by a Chinese food restaurant in Orleans for some take-out and met up with everyone else at the
Legion on Kent Street. It was nice visiting with everyone and we learned that there might be another GAG event in the spring (they’ve been a fall event the last few years).

Kudos to everyone who organised the event and thanks to everyone who hid a cache! TFTC!