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September 28, 2004 @ 17:44 By: gordon Category: Seen on the 'net

The Node Explorer is a pretty cool sounding little device.


September 26, 2004 @ 01:53 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

In late-May I tried to find the Noire 5050 cache with Darin. In geocaching terms, this is a 5/3, but after two attemps to find it (one of which was successful), I think it’s more like a 3/4 or 3/4.5. But I digress…

When we headed out in May, we got within 2 or 3 km of the cache at which point we could proceed no further because the road was washed out.

We headed out to find it Saturday afternoon armed with the knowledge that there was probably another way into the cache from the north. Following a logging road in, we arrived at the point where it was washed out to find that the road had been repaired. Cool!

Driving along the road, we came to a narrow trail that the GPSr was telling us we had to go down. Following the trail, we eventually came across the rapids near the cache site and quickly found the cache itself. Taking the mandatory pictures and swapping some cache goodies, we made our way back out. There are a few scuffs and scratches from the branches, but they’ll probably (hopefully!) buff out with some white polish.

Canadian Rugby Road Journal

September 25, 2004 @ 13:22 By: gordon Category: General, Seen on the 'net

Worth checking out: Canadian Rugby Road Journal

Hmm… no good can come of this

September 25, 2004 @ 01:10 By: gordon Category: General

I had a Fox station on the tv in the background and a few minutes ago I heard an odd sound coming from the tv. Looking up, the graphic said they were doing a test of the Emergency Alert System. (Also here.)

This is the first test I can remember them doing in years.

Three more found

September 20, 2004 @ 22:49 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

Sunday was another nice day, so I grabbed some waypoints and headed out to do some caching. All in all, I did GCKG85, GCH8Q2 and GCHA1C. The first was an ammo box hidden extremely well, with lots of poison ivy nearby. The remaing two were “micros”, one of which I had to write a short limerick for in order to log the find. I won’t say too much about them because that would give their hiding spots away and where would the fun in that be? 😉

A Saturday of Parks

September 18, 2004 @ 22:48 By: gordon Category: General, Geocaching

Had a very busy Saturday… walked in the Parkinson Society Canada’s walk at Andrew Hayden Park and then headed to Brockville for Scuba in the Park. Met a diver who’s also a geocacher, so we grabbed our GPSs and headed off to find Geogranny’s Bayside Key Ring Trading Post (GCKE7N) in McDonald Bay Park. We parked out cars, grabbed some flashlights and rooted around in the park until we found the very cleverly hidden cache.

Lots of parks.

Night caching

September 17, 2004 @ 12:53 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

Darin picked up a new GPS so we did three caches (GCHQ4H, GCG7HD and GCJKQV) last night to test it out. None of the caches was particularly difficult, but we did one just as the sun was setting and the other two after dark, so there was an added degree of difficulty.

I had just found the first cache when we heard people crashing through the woods. Shortly thereafter, we met some other geocachers who had taken the long way in to the cache.

Here’s a picture of a typical geocache:A typical geocache (GCHQ4H)