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Monday morning’s meteorology lesson

December 20, 2004 @ 08:10 By: gordon Category: General

If you’re in Ottawa, you already know that it’s bloody cold outside. Environment Canada’s website is reporting that it was -30C at 0700 and -44C with the wind. (Click here for a PDF of the report.)

The aviation weather information for Ottawa this morning was:

METAR CYOW 201000Z 30014KT 15SM SKC M29/M35 A3005 RMK SLP191=
METAR CYOW 201100Z 30015KT 15SM SKC M29/M35 A3006 RMK SLP192=
METAR CYOW 201200Z 30012KT 20SM FEW250 M30/M35 A3008 RMK CI1 SLP199=

TAF CYOW 201142Z 201212 30012KT P6SM SKC
BECMG 2022 30005KT
FM1000Z 07008KT P6SM SCT040 OVC090

The first block of data is three METAR reports for Ottawa showing the conditions in at MacDonald Cartier International Airport at 1000Z (0500 Eastern), 1100Z (0600 Eastern) and 1200Z (0700 Eastern). Fairly simple reports that say the temperature started at -29C (M29) and went down to -30C (M30) at 0700.
The next block of data is more interesting. This is the terminal area forecast (TAF) for Ottawa, actually. I’ve put the wind information in boldface to make it easier to pick out. At the start of the forecast period, 1200Z (0700 Eastern), the wind was forecast to be from 300 degrees (roughly WNW) at 12 knots (about 22 km/h). The windspeed drops to 5 knots (about 10 km/h) between 2000Z and 2200Z (1500 and 1700 Eastern). Starting at 0700Z (0200 Eastern) early Tuesday morning, the wind is variable at 3 knots (VRB3KT). At 0500 Eastern tomorrow morning, it should settle down to coming out of the east at 8 knots (07008KT).

You might be asking what’s so special about this. Well, if you look at the windspeed, you can see the high pressure zone as it passes to the north of us by the change in the wind direction. Once it’s past us, we should see the temperature get significantly warmer and looking at the (civilian forecast, you can see it’s forecast to be a balmy -8C tomorrow morning.

It’s still bloody cold out, however.

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