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Off-roading and geocaching

September 12, 2005 @ 23:42 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

Kathy and I checked up on the cache we placed south of Richmond (GCP93C) on Saturday and then headed off to do a couple of nearby caches. One of the caches was a multi that is apparently 11km from start to finish. The forest access road we needed to use is closed to motorized vehicles until the 15th of September, so we headed on to another nearby one, also in the Marlborough Forest. This time, the forest access road was just a “use at your own risk”, so we chased a bunch of mountain bikers along until we found the trailhead about a kilometre into the forest.

The cache was called Inukshuk’s Treasure (GCB9FF) and it was guarded by a small inukshuk the owner had built. We found the inukshuk quickly enough and didn’t spend too long looking for the cache container. We took some pictures with the inukshuk and then headed back to my Tracker.

On our way to the next cache, we took a short cut that ultimately ended at a point where we decided to turn back because the road disappeared into the trees — literally. Naturally, we could see the back of a sign about a hundred metres away, but there was no way we could get through without seriously scratching the paint.
So, we backtracked and made our way to the second cache, Road Forgotten – Beckwith (GCMDWE). We drove along an old road that was the old boundary between Beckwith and Montague townships and found the cache about 100 metres away from where we parked (in the middle of the forest, of course).

All in all, we had a lot of fun doing the two caches, and getting a lot of mud on the Tracker.