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My first Bluetooth virus

November 15, 2005 @ 22:57 By: gordon Category: General

While shopping in the Eaton Centre this past Friday, my cellphone received a message via Bluetooth from a phone that must have been nearby. I accepted the message but fortunately did not blithly allow the installer to install something. When I got back to the hotel, I downloaded a virus scanner for my Nokia 6620 and was mildly surprised to find that the payload of the message was, in fact, a virus.

This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a cellphone virus and I can’t think of anyone else I know who has seen one. Naturally, I quarentined the message and did a little research on the virus and determined it was a variant of the CommWarrior virus. (I’ve since removed the infected file from my phone so I’m not sure which variant it was.)

2 Responses to “My first Bluetooth virus”

  1. sarah says:

    how did you remove the virus as i have contracted 1 while on a holiday??

  2. gordon says:

    I used the one of the F-Secure products. Check out http://www.f-secure.com/wireless/download

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