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Archive for May 6th, 2006

My first FTF

May 06, 2006 @ 17:48 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

I headed out this morning to Val des monts on the Quebec side of the river and managed to log my first FTF (first-to-find). The cache, Valpin #18 – Tranquillité (GCVW2A), was hidden at the side of a swiftly flowing river. While I was there, a heron landed about 15 feet away from me, which was very cool.

I then did another cache and when I came back to where I’d parked I discovered that I’d parked on glass so I had to change the tire. Fortunately, the tire place tells me that it’s pluggable so I won’t have to buy a new tire. Or tires since it doesn’t appear the Tiger Paws on my Tracker are available.