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Geocaching statistics

June 09, 2006 @ 19:42 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

One of the local geocaching forums I take part in had a thread talking about the closest caches to where people live.  This got me wondering about the profile of the 185 caches I’ve found so far, so I did a little analysis using GSAK and Excel.

  • The closest to home is 0.3 km (GCA49C – coincidentally the first cache I found)
  • The farther from home is 7735.6 km (GCJ162).
  • The average distance I’ve travelled from home to find a cache is 444.5 km, but half of the caches I’ve found are within 15.3 km of home.
  • I’ve gone caching in three countries (Canada, the US, and the UK).
  • Of the caches I’ve found, 24 (13%) are either disabled or archived.
  • In terms of cache ratings, the hardest difficulty I’ve found is a 5 (GC7C99 5/3). The hardest terrain I’ve cached on is a 4 (GCA846 3.5/4). Half of the caches I’ve done are rated 1.5/1.5.
  • I’ve found more caches by bluelamb03 and Captain Hook (tied for first place) than I have any other single cacher. Valpin and Zartimus are tied for second place in terms of people who have hidden caches I’ve found.
  • I have found 154 traditional caches, 14 multis, 6 virtuals, 5 events, 5 unknowns and 1 webcam cache.
  • The most caches I’ve logged in a single day is 11 (29 April 2006 – GAG8).
  • Over half of the 78 days I’ve found caches on, I’ve logged 2 or more finds.
  • It does not appear that I have found any caches by binthair, so far.

I’ve been making a lot of pivot tables at work lately.

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