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Go And Get ‘Em 10

April 28, 2007 @ 21:23 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

I went and got 'em!Go And Get ‘Em 10 (GC11RNC) started Friday evening at 6pm and ran through to 6pm Saturday, followed up by dinner. I went caching Friday evening until about 23:30 and then Saturday morning with the geoMob, a group of local cachers who get together every Saturday morning for breakfast and caching. While it was damp and misty, the weather was actually pretty good for caching. It didn’t rain while I was out, though there were definitely a couple of caches that were very wet and muddy. Darin and I went caching Friday evening and shared a couple of first-to-finds.

Overall, I logged 19 caches of the 66 that were placed for the event, including the event cache itself.

When the event was first announced, it looked like this would be the last Go And Get ‘Em event because they’re victims of their own popularity. However, the organizers announced at dinner that the tradition would continue, though possibly in a slightly different form. It’s become increasingly difficult to find reasonably priced venues that can accommodate more than a hundred hungry cachers. We were at an Italian buffet this evening and we managed to fill the room. In fact, things were a little cozy, so we really need an even larger place.

The event cache brings the total number of caches I’ve found to-date to 286.