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Disneyland is too far

May 05, 2007 @ 00:34 By: gordon Category: Seen on the 'net

If you live in China, you will probably come to the conclusion quite quickly that Disneyland is too far away to visit. But you need not despair any more because now you can visit Beijing’s Shijingshan Amusement Park, a state-run amusement park that has a replica of the Magic Kingdom, right down to Mickey, Donald and a host of other Disney characters. Before you say “hey, isn’t that infringing on Disney’s copyrights?”, rest assured that the characters are not, in fact, the beloved mouse, duck et al. The character that coincidentally looks like Mickey is a cat with big ears. At some point, someone will point out that in an infinite universe like ours anything is possible, regardless of how improbable it may be. So, it’s entirely possible that the creator of cat-with-big-ears came up with his character having never seen or heard of Mickey Mouse. (But I think that’s highly improbable.)

You can judge for yourself on the Japan Probe website.

3 Responses to “Disneyland is too far”

  1. Squid says:

    The link to Japan Probe ne marche pas

  2. gordon says:

    It should be working now. 🙂

  3. ellie says:

    LOL China.

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