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Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS) Member #1489

July 13, 2007 @ 12:43 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio

I took a few years off from amateur radio, but returned to the hobby last summer. In the intervening time, I gained full HF privileges because Industry Canada changed the rules and anyone who had been a licensed amateur radio operator for at least three or four years at the time (I think) was grandfathered in.

As I mentioned in a blog entry last summer, some of the first stations I talked to on HF were lighthouses and lightships. Recently, I operated VC3R at the Ottawa Locks and talked to a station on an island off the coast of Maine near the Canadian border. Yesterday, I received the QSL cards from him for QSOs as both VC3R and VE3XGD. On the certificates were the numbers for a couple of lighthouses that he had activated for his event. This got me thinking back to last summer, so I did some googling and found the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society’s website again. Reading through it, I decided to join the society. This morning, I received an email confirming that I am now ARLHS member #1489. 🙂

This is the first amateur radio-related organization I’ve joined that’s not a club, excluding RAC. I’m looking forward to activating a lighthouse event station sometime this summer.

2 Responses to “Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS) Member #1489”

  1. m.a says:

    Hi Gord,
    Looked for you on 14.275 at 1745Z.
    Made several calls and four contacts while waiting for you.
    The band was horrible with s9 noise here at the Museum.
    Constant flow of visitors kept me from going back to radio.
    We’ll try some other time.
    73 de m.a

  2. gordon says:

    Hi Maurice Andre…

    I listened for you starting around 1735Z, but I couldn’t hear you. Conditions were not the greatest during NLLW 2007 and I only ended up working a handful of stations while down in Prescott. Even post-contest at the cottage, the conditions have not improved significantly, though I have had a few QSOs. BPSK is punching through with a couple of QSOs to Europe, but still not the greatest.

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