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CQ Lighthouse: Activating lighthouse CAN-767

July 21, 2007 @ 23:58 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio

No, I didn’t turn on the light in a lighthouse today, but I did go and “activate” it on the air so that other amateur radio operators could check it off their lists. “It” is the white and green lighthouse on the end of the breakwater in the Prescott Heritage Harbour, also known as ARLHS lighthouse CAN-767.

I decided on the spur of the moment that I would do this, so I sent out an email message to the other ARLHS members saying that I would be activating CAN-767 for a little while this afternoon. I parked in a lot about 150m away from the lighthouse and fired up the radio on 14.270 MHz. At 1812Z (1412 Eastern), N0PKX responded to my call. He had seen my email alert and was waiting for me to show up. We exchanged details and I continued to call CQ Lighthouse.

Five more people responded in the next ten to fifteen minutes. As time progressed, the received signal qualities kept decreasing until I could no longer hear anyone trying to answer my calls. I even switched briefly to 7.270 MHz, but didn’t hear anyone respond so I returned to the 20m band. At 1915Z (1515 Eastern) I had activated CAN-767 for an hour, which is the minimum time I’d decided I would be on the air, so I decided to head off in search of ice cream before doing a little geocaching.

Here are the people I talked to:

Time Frequency Mode Callsign RS(T) Name Location ARLHS #
1812Z 14.270 SSB N0PKX 58 Dave Montana 1476
1814Z 14.270 SSB KD8FPS 58 Joe Cleaveland, OH  
1818Z 14.270 SSB KB0QJX 57 Janis Montana 1475
1822Z 14.270 SSB KC0FFC 54 Paul Iowa  
1824Z 14.270 SSB KC8ZRK 54 Steve Ohio 1426
1826Z 14.270 SSB WB9WHQ 52 Dan Wisconsin 923

4 Responses to “CQ Lighthouse: Activating lighthouse CAN-767”

  1. KC2HOU says:

    Speaking on behalf of the ARLHS membership, we thank you for activating the light. Dont be discouraged with the low number of QSO’s. Band condx are in a slump, but will gradually improve over the next year or two.

    agn, tnx
    73 & ktf
    ARLHS Pres.

  2. Jim KA3UNQ says:

    Hi Gordon,
    Despite the results, we thank you for the effort and hope the urge to do it again comes soon. We are always looking for new activators and hope today’s operation is a sign of things to come. Thanks again and hope we hear you on from a lighthouse or two during the events in August.

    73 & KTF,
    Jim KA3UNQ
    ARLHS #278

  3. gordon says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong — I had a lot of fun doing this and I’m already thinking about future activations. And I’m looking forward to the events in August, too! 🙂

    Radio is sometimes unpredictable, so you take your chances and throw the dice sometimes. If I’d been able to set up my G5RV Jr. instead of having to use my ATAS-120, it might have made a difference, too.

  4. gordon says:

    QSL cards confirming the QSOs were mailed out today. 🙂

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