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CQ Lighthouse: Activating CAN-1352 for the NLLW

August 03, 2007 @ 22:21 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio

The ARLHS is sponsoring the National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW) contest this weekend. Basically, you try to talk to as many other ARLHS members and lighthouses and lightships that have been activated. You score a certain number of points for every QSO, with extra points awarded if you talk to a lighthouse/lightship. If you are activating a lighthouse/lightship, then you get an extra multiplier to your points after you’ve added them all up.

This evening, I activated CAN-1352, a lighthouse on a spit of land that protects the Nepean Yacht Club harbour. I started calling CQ Lighthouse at 0001Z on 04 August 2007 (remember, EDT is 4 hours behind UTC right now, that’s why it’s “tomorrow”), which was the starting time of the contest. I worked 11 stations in the next 55 minutes. At times, the conditions were great and stations boomed in, while at other times they were an S0 or just static. Of those 11 QSOs, 8 of them were other ARLHS members, one was the ARLHS club station (KC2HOU) and two were for CAN-998, a lighthouse in Quebec City.

Tomorrow, I’m heading back down to Prescott to activate CAN-767 for a little while.

Here are the people I talked to:

Time Freq. Mode Callsign RS(T) Name Location ARLHS # LH # Serial #
0006Z 14.270 SSB KC2EVO 57 Bob Atlantic City, NJ 176    
0008Z 14.270 SSB KC2NOW 52 Pat   1161    
0010Z 14.270 SSB KC2HOU 57 Jim NJ 100    
0020Z 14.262 SSB N1BLU 50-54 John near Mt. Washington, NH 1430    
0021Z 14.262 SSB KA3TKZ 58 Whitney        
0024Z 14.262 SSB WB3KVR 50-56 Ron PA 736    
0031Z 14.262 SSB KA3UNQ 57 Jim MD 278    
0047Z 14.265 SSB VA2MCJ 58 John Quebec City, QC 1314 CAN-998  
0051Z 14.265 SSB VE2QLH 59 John Quebec City, QC 1334 CAN-998  
0053Z 14.265 SSB KD8EZU 55-57 Randy       S/N 001
0053Z 14.265 SSB KB3MDX 58 Pete DE      

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