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Waiting at YOW

November 22, 2007 @ 11:54 By: gordon Category: Travelling, Weather

img00007.jpgI’m heading to Toronto with my boss today to visit our regional office and observe collection of a survey. Because we’re only going to be there today and tomorrow, we decided to fly to maximize the time we could spend in the office.

Naturally, the weather in both Ottawa and Toronto is terrible and flights are delayed at both airports.

The aviation weather observations in Ottawa are:

METAR CYOW 221600Z 01013KT 1SM -SN DRSN VV006 M05/M05 A2979 RESN RMK SN8 /S03/ SLP093=

SPECI CYOW 221627Z 36014KT 1/2SM R07/2600FT/N R32/2600FT/N SN DRSN VV005 M05/ RMK SN8=

The observations at Toronto Pearson are:

METAR CYYZ 221600Z CCA 36017G22KT 1SM R33L/P6000FT/N R33R/5000FT/U -SN BKN009 OVC021 M03/M05 A2984 RMK SN4SF2SC2 SLP111=

Basically, it’s snowing, windy and the visibility sucks.

TAF CYOW 221440Z 221512 36015KT 1/2SM SN VV003 TEMPO 1516 2SM -SN
FM1600Z 36012KT 1SM -SN OVC005 TEMPO 1621 2SM -SN OVC008
FM2100Z 34012KT 6SM -SN SCT008 OVC020 TEMPO 2103 3SM -SN OVC008
FM0300Z 31012KT P6SM OVC025

TAF CYYZ 221440Z 221512 01015G25KT 1/2SM SN OVC004 TEMPO 1516 1SM -SN
FM1600Z 01015G25KT 1SM -SN OVC004 TEMPO 1617 2SM -SN OVC008
FM1700Z 01015KT 2SM -SN OVC007 TEMPO 1721 5SM -SN OVC010
FM2100Z 33012KT 6SM -SHSN SCT008 OVC012 TEMPO 2123 2SM -SHSN
FM2300Z 34012KT P6SM BKN030 TEMPO 2301 4SM -SHSN OVC020

And it’s going to be like this for a while.

At least we’re sitting in the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge, so there’s food and drink.

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