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The cars I’ve owned

October 30, 2008 @ 12:00 By: gordon Category: General

A while ago, Darin wrote about all the cars he has owned, so I thought I’d put together my list, which is shorter than his (but then he’s older than me).

  • 1987(?) Eurosport: greyish, this was the first car I owned.  I bought it from my parents for a token amount of money.  Over the years, I replaced various bits, including miscellaneous hoses and also the radiator and the valve cover gasket.  (It costs about $40 to have a valve cover gasket replaced by the dealer — pay the $40.  Trust me.)  Traded it in with 204000 km on it and still in good condition and had the used car manager comment "I didn’t know they went this far".  Had an Oki cellphone installed in it back in September 1991.  Nice car.
  • 1991 Pontiac Firefly convertible: white.  Bought this car "new" from the dealer (billed as a "factory official vehicle" — some guy drove it for about 1000 km for quality assurance).  Drove it year-round and had the roof down in every month of the year, with the possible exception of January.  With a three-cylinder engine, I got silly gas mileage and regularly filled the tank with premium and still got change from a $20 bill.  Broken into twice, both times by pinheads who slashed the roof.
  • 2002 GM Tracker: blue with silver panels.  Bought this new (as opposed to "new") from the dealer and tinted the rear windows myself.  I’ve been happy with it, though I did have a bit of excitement that was covered by a recall warranty.  I’ve taken it off-road and driven all over the place in it.  My biggest grumble is that I couldn’t find decent tires for it in Canada.  Fortunately, I was able to buy a set in Odgensburg.