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More on the CUSA Shinerama scandal

November 27, 2008 @ 13:02 By: gordon Category: Current affairs

Ken wrote about the CUSA Shinerama scandal, like some other people I know.  He ends his entry with some information on how to contact Brittany Smyth, CUSA President, in particular how to send a message to her cell phone.  He didn’t do anything stalkerish to find this piece of information out — it’s in a press release she issued.

I noticed her cell phone number in the release when I read it yesterday and sent off the following SMS to her phone:

To: +16132611668

As a Carleton graduate of the class of ’97, I have to tell you that I am appalled that the president of CUSA would have entertained the discussion of such a disgusting motion, namely the decision to no longer support the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, because CF affects primarily white men. Shame on you! You have embarassed Carleton’s good name and call into question your fitness to lead. But more importantly, you have caused unnecessary hurt to those who suffer from CF or have family or friends who do. They deserve an apology, too. Shame on you!  Signed, G Dewis, BA Hon (1997)

There has been no reply (not that I really expected one).  I wonder exactly how many text messages she’s received on this.

There are a lot of unhappy people on Facebook who sound like they’re organizing petitions to recall the members of the CUSA council (except for the 2 who voted against it).  I wish them luck.  If there’s a petition for pissed off alumni, I want to sign it!

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