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Google: 1, Bambi: 0

January 30, 2009 @ 12:55 By: gordon Category: Seen on the 'net

Have you heard of Google Street View? Basically, Google has cars with cameras mounted on them that provide a 360-degree view of wherever the Street View car is driving. With a GPS tracking its route, Google is able to integrate these pictures into Google Maps. The end result is that you can “drive” along the road while sitting in front of your computer. Pretty neat stuff!

Of course, when you drive along as many roads as the Street View cars have taking pictures, it’s inevitable that you’ll capture pictures of things like drug deals going down, and rednecks with guns and booze walking down 7th Street. There’s really no end of things you’ll find if you look hard enough, though depending on what it is Google may remove the photos when they find out.

Another consequence of driving as much as the Street View cars do is that sooner or later the Street View car is going to hit something and capture the incident for posterity, such as a Street View car running into Bambi. (Actually, to be fair it looks like the deer hit the car, which is what’s happened to me twice.)

Of course, Google has since removed the photos from their database, but not before someone made screen captures and posted them on the Internet.