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No charge for that, sir

April 17, 2009 @ 01:12 By: gordon Category: General, Out and about

My Tracker had been sounding kind of throaty for a couple of days and when I poked at the tail pipe is swung back and forth. Not good.

So, last weekend I stopped by Active Green + Ross on Bank Street about an hour before they closed to see if they could do something to make it better. One of their technicians put the Tracker on a hoist and took a look. It turns out that the tail pipe was no longer attached to the resonator, and thus the rest of the exhaust system, and was only being held in place by a rubber anti-vibration mount.

He suggested that he could cut the heat shield off the resonator, slip a slightly larger piece of pipe over the resonator and cut the end on an angle, too. This sounded like a reasonable interim solution so I said “go for it”. After ten or fifteen minutes, he had crafted a temporary tail pipe.

When I went to pay for it, the person at the counter said “don’t worry about it”.  “Seriously?” I asked holding out my credit card.  “Yup. If you decide to replace the muffler, hopefully you’ll come back to us.”

Wow! Here’s a company that gets it. For the cost of a couple of feet of pipe, a clamp and fifteen minutes of the technician’s time, they’ve done more to make me want to go back to them than any advertising campaign could.

So, if you need a muffler replaced or other maintenance done on your car you should check out Active Green + Ross.

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  1. raino says:

    very bright of them to do that because they are probably right, you will go back now.

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