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Geocaching milestones

May 03, 2009 @ 12:44 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

I went geocaching yesterday afternoon for the first time in a couple of months and I hit a neat milestone with the last cache I found. GAG9 – One for the birds (GCYJ1E) by model12 & Aldy marked the 450th geocache I’ve found. It also marked the 350th geocache I’ve found in the province of Ontario.

The geocaching gods were taunting me as I homed in on it, because when I was just a few metres away from the cache my GPS receiver suddenly indicated the cache was 160m away, +/- 186m and continued to jump around. I thought that perhaps I’d lost a clear view of the sky, but the satellite screen seemed to indicate it had locked on to 6 or 8 satellites with strong signals. When I moved a bit farther away, the GPSr settled down and I found the cache quickly.

It was nice getting out caching again.  Life has been so busy, or the weather has been so sucky, that I just haven’t had time to seek any geocaches. However, things are less busy (I think) and the weather is more conducive to being outside that I’ll probably start caching a little more regularly.

3 Responses to “Geocaching milestones”

  1. xup says:

    I’m sorry, geocashing always makes me laugh. I did a whole blog post on it once because I find it all so crazy geek. You hide useless things in boxes in the woods, then you wander around with electronic devices trying to find them and then you get to check stuff off on a list? Is that about right? So at any given time there are millions of these caches hidden in woodsy places all over the world never to be found or removed? I know, I know, people love it and I shouldn’t judge until I’ve tried it, and great skill and fresh air is involved but still…

    • gordon says:

      Well, the things traded don’t have to be useless (I have left numerous mini-sharpie markers in many of the geocaches I’ve found over the years) and they’re not all in the woods (there’s a clever one in the urban environment near Richmond and Churchhill, for example) and there’s only hundreds of thousands of them (793,072 as of the time of this comment) and not all geocachers fall into the category of “geek” (however I’ll concede that there are probably quite a few geocachers who are geeks), but apart from that, you’ve described it perfectly. 🙂

      Geocaching has taken me places I would otherwise not have gone and seen some pretty cool things, such as a waterfall in Glacier National Park in Montana that I only saw because there was a geocache.

      You really should try it sometime. 🙂

  2. xup says:

    No, I don’t think so, but I’m all for people finding things they enjoy doing outdoors involving some sort of physical activity.

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