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To the driver of Para Transpo bus #82-5529…

November 23, 2009 @ 00:34 By: gordon Category: General

… your behaviour today was completely unacceptable.

IMG00001-20091122-1143 I stopped for gas at the Esso on Bank at Gladstone this morning. After filling the tank, I pulled away from the pump and watched as a Para Transpo bus pulled over at the curb, partially blocking the exit. I was about to drive out. The driver hopped out and started to walk towards the convenience store at the gas station. I rolled down the passenger’s window and pointed out that she was partially blocking the exit. She replied that in her opinion there was enough space to get by and that she was just going into the store. I responded saying that she really should move the vehicle because it was blocking the entrance. It was about at this point that she said called me an asshole. Yes, she used that word. I made some comment that I was going to complain to OC Transpo and she got back into her bus and moved it. I drove away and fumed about it while I drove. Calling OC Transpo, I learned that on Sunday’s there’s no one to talk to at Para Transpo for a situation like this.

I know that someone is going to point out that the signage says no stopping, except for buses, but I don’t believe that gives the Para Transpo drivers carte blanche to block entry/exit ramps, at least not when they’re not picking up or dropping off passengers. And regardless of that, it doesn’t give them license to call someone an asshole when someone complains about the way they’ve parked.

The OC Transpo customer service person I spoke to gave me the Para Transpo complaint number, so they’re on my list of people to call in the morning.

Update (11:15am): I spoke with a very nice customer relations officer at OC Transpo who took the details of my complaint, explained the process of what happens next and said she would give me a call after Para Transpo has investigated and let me know in general terms what actions they took. (Privacy concerns prevent them from providing specific information about what was done, which I don’t have a huge problem with.)

2 Responses to “To the driver of Para Transpo bus #82-5529…”

  1. A Para Driver says:

    Wish it was me. I would have called you worse than an asshole!

    • gordon says:

      Just because I pointed out that the driver was blocking the exit of the gas station?

      Had the driver in question been picking up or dropping off a passenger, I might have cut them some slack, but this wasn’t the case. They were stopping to buy something from a convenience store.

      Frankly, your attitude is why the public tend to have a poor opinion of bus drivers, which is too bad because most drivers are polite, helpful people. It only takes one or two like you who post drivel like this from computers at their workplace to perpetuate this opinion. (Yes, the IP address you used was recorded and I’ve checked up on who it belongs to.)

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