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Chasing an FTF

January 28, 2011 @ 00:35 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

IMG_3854I checked my email when I got home after work and noticed that a new geocache notification for Navan road’s secret stash (GC2MYZ8) by Team Matassa had arrived about half an hour earlier. Given the fact that there are some geocachers in Ottawa who don’t hesitate in dropping everything when a new cache is published, I figured that by the time I could get to it one of them would already have logged it.

When I checked up on it an hour later to see who had claimed the FTF I was surprised to see that it still hadn’t been logged. So, I loaded it on my GPS, grabbed my geocaching backpack and headed out to see if I could find it.

Arriving at the trailhead, I noticed several sets of footprints in the snow leading in the general direction of the cache. As I closed in on the cache, the footprints lead off in a different direction.


I arrived at ground zero and was happy to see a nice, undisturbed blanket of snow covering everything in sight. Yes! An FTF was in sight and after a few minutes of searching, I found the container and discovered an empty logbook. Woot!


(Oh,  and if I look less than thrilled by my accomplishment in the picture at the top of this entry, it’s because I was cringing in anticipation of the blinding flash whilst being perched semi-precariously where the cache was hidden.)

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