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Writer’s block

February 25, 2011 @ 15:52 By: gordon Category: Meta

I’ve got writer’s block. There are things I want to blog about, but I’m finding it hard to write them. And it’s starting to frustrate me.

My blog doesn’t have a particular theme — I write about whatever grabs my attention. There are some themes that have emerged over the years, such as photography, climbing and geocaching, and there have been “current affairs” type posts about things like the transit strike a couple of years ago, but I really can’t point at my blog and say “it’s about x” because it’s not. (At the first Ottawa bloggers’ brunch I went to a couple of years ago someone asked me what my blog was about and I couldn’t really answer the question.)

For much of 2008, I was averaging at least twenty posts a month. At the time, I was still a newly-minted research analyst at work and was trying to get into the habit of writing in preparation for some a research article and a report that I was going to have to write. I hadn’t had to do any significant writing since graduating from university about ten years earlier, so blogging several times a week was a great way to get the creative juices flowing at the time.

Lately, I’ve found it hard to get started, but it’s not for lack of topics or opportunities. Over the last few weeks, I’ve thought of half a dozen things that made me think “that would make a good blog entry”, and recently I was approached to contribute some articles to another blog (actually, that might be the incentive I need), but I seem to have stalled. I suspect a large part of it is because I’ve been the last six months or so working on a survey report at work, which has involved a lot of writing, and I’m getting tired of writing. I’m not sure how real authors handle this — I should ask my cousin about it.

The report I’ve been writing for the last few months is being released in a couple of weeks and then I’m taking a short vacation for some sunshine and saltwater (and golfing) about a week later. Hopefully that will recharge my creative batteries.