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A wee bit o’ rain

September 08, 2012 @ 10:55 By: gordon Category: Dragonboats, Out and about, Photography, Weather


September 08, 2012 @ 10:36 By: gordon Category: Dragonboats, Out and about, Weather

So, I’m at the Carleton Place Dragon Boat Festival today and the weather here is rather exciting. It’s been raining almost constantly since we arrived and there have been delays because of lightning. I’ve been watching the Franktown radar and it’s not encouraging.

The aviation forecast for Ottawa is equally bleak:
TAF CYOW 081141Z 0812/0912 14010KT P6SM SCT025 OVC100
TEMPO 0812/0817 4SM -SHRA BR OVC020 PROB40 0813/0815 VRB20G30KT 1SM TSRA BR BKN008 OVC020CB
FM081700 18012G22KT P6SM -SHRA OVC030
TEMPO 0817/0821 5SM -SHRA BR OVC015 PROB40 0817/0821 VRB30G50KT 1SM +TSRA BKN015 OVC030CB
FM082100 25012G22KT P6SM -SHRA OVC025
TEMPO 0821/0901 5SM -SHRA BR OVC020
FM090100 26015G25KT P6SM OVC020
FM090400 28010G20KT P6SM OVC025
FM090900 28010KT P6SM BKN030

The 30 gusting to 50 knots winds with heavy thunderstorms forecast for this afternoon will be truly delightful.