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This morning’s implosion

July 13, 2014 @ 09:25 By: gordon Category: Out and about, Photography

I headed out to Dow’s Lake this morning to watch the Sir John Carling Building be demolished. Shortly before 7am the sirens went for the last time, there were some booms and the building disappeared from Ottawa’s skyline forever.






I’m not going for a ride after work

July 08, 2014 @ 16:34 By: gordon Category: Weather

I thought I’d take a quick look at the weather to see if a bike ride after work would be possible.

TAF CYOW 081741Z 0818/0918 20012G22KT P6SM SCT020 BKN120 TEMPO
 0818/0822 5SM -SHRA BR BKN020 PROB40 0818/0822 VRB20G30KT 1SM
 FM082200 20012G22KT P6SM -SHRA BKN040 TEMPO 0822/0901 VRB20G30KT
 FM090100 20012G22KT P6SM -SHRA BKN040 TEMPO 0901/0904 3SM SHRA BR
 BKN020 PROB40 0901/0904 VRB20G30KT 1SM +TSRA BR BKN015 OVC040CB
 FM090400 18019KT P6SM BKN012
 FM090600 22008KT 6SM BR SCT006 OVC012
 FM091000 26012G22KT P6SM BKN030

I guess not, particularly as we’re under a severe thunderstorm warning at the moment. Oh well.

And the radar is kind of exciting, too…


Crosswalk countdown timers: A mixed blessing

July 07, 2014 @ 00:11 By: gordon Category: General

A story on NPR that was mentioned on Slashdot a couple of days ago talks about something that I’ve been wondering for a while: are countdown timers on crosswalks at intersections leading to a decrease in pedestrian accidents at the cost of an increase in the number of vehicle accidents at these intersections? According to the NPR story, the research seems to suggest they are. (more…)