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UK Trip Day 5: July 1, 2003

July 02, 2003 @ 18:15 By: gordon Category: Travelling, UK Trip 2003

We got a late start to the day, but c’est la vie.

We headed to Trafalgar Square and first visited St. Martin-in-the-Field church. It’s a small church and it’s very old.

Then, we headed across to the other side of Trafalgar Square to Canada House to partake in the Canada Day festivities at the High Commission. We arrived to find the place busy with people with oddly un-Canadian accents as well as with people with very Canadian accents. (Free beer and cake… go figure!)

After having a drink, some cake and listening to some music, we headed off to a mobile phone dealer to get the firmware in my new mobile phone upgraded. This took a couple of hours, so we headed off to see the London Eye. The ticket line at the London Eye was rather long, so we just looked up at it, snapped some photos and then headed back across Westminster Bridge.

By this time, the phone was ready so we swung by the phone dealer and then headed back towards Rob and Yuki’s. We stopped off at a local pub for dinner and a beer and then headed back home.

Click here to view the pictures from Day 5.

One Response to “UK Trip Day 5: July 1, 2003”

  1. yuki says:

    good pics,wish had good weather.waiting to see somemore!!!!!!