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Scariest driver I’ve seen in almost 20 years

September 03, 2004 @ 01:19 By: gordon Category: General

I drove one of the guys I play D&D with home Wednesday evening. He lives in Kanata so we took the 417. Somewhere between Greenbank and the off-ramp for Bayshore Shopping Centre, we were passed by an SUV. Watching the SUV, we saw it weaving back and forth in the lane. As we continued along, the SUV continued to have difficulties staying in its lane. It then went to the extreme right lane across three or four lanes of traffic, crossed the solid white line into the shoulder and looked like it was going to smash into the croncrete barriers.

It was about at this time that I dialed *OPP (*677) on my cellphone to report the driver. While talking to the dispatcher, we saw the SUV force someone all the way onto the right hand shoulder. We caught up with the SUV, relayed the license plate and then passed it going up the hill to Kanata. By the top of the hill, I’d finished talking to the OPP.

Just past Eagleson, the SUV passed me again and forced someone else halfway onto the left shoulder. I called the OPP back to give them an update of this latest incident. The dispatcher from my first call answered and was typing a mile-a-minute. She told me there were officers out looking for the driver. Just after we committed to exiting at Castlefrank, she asked me if we were still following the SUV. I said unfortunately we weren’t and we finished up the conversation with her still typing.

Hopefully they found the driver before he hurt or killed someone with his stellar lack of driving skills. This is the worst driver I recall seeing in the almost 20 years I’ve been driving.

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