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Geocaching in the rain

November 04, 2004 @ 23:59 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

The week has been one of the worst I’ve had in the last few years for a variety of reasons, so I decided that some “fun” was required. I headed out to do some geocaching after dark, weather be damned.

So I called up Bev the Diver (someone I dive with) and convinced her to head out in the rain to find a new cache called The Radish-on Travel Bug Hotel located in the middle on the woods in near Bells Corners. In recognition of the need for extreme sunshine, I released a new travel bug called Donald the Sun Worshipper whose goal is “to visit as many warm sunny places as possible and get his picture taken relaxing on the beach”.

We homed in on the general cache location and found a side street with access to the forest paths to park on. Armed with flashlights, chemical light sticks and my GPS, we headed into the woods to find the cache. I guess we spent about an hour round-trip doing the cache including about 20 minutes of searching for the cache container once on-site.

I traded Donald for a Jeep travelbug and left a genuine Geocaching.com pencil.

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