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New toy

May 03, 2005 @ 22:27 By: gordon Category: General

I picked up a Nokia 6620 last week because I was eligible for a hardware upgrade from Rogers (and I was bored). True, I had to commit to a three year contract, but given that I’ve been with Rogers in one form or another since September 1991, I don’t think I’ll be leaving them soon.
My previous phone, a Nokia 6310i I bought from my friend Rob in the UK for a few pounds, still works. But I decided that I wanted some more bells and whistles. The 6620 handles this desire quite nicely.
It’s a GSM phone based on the Symbian 60 operating system. This means that it’s quite easy to add applications to the phone.
One application I’ve added is Wayfinder. Basically, it lets me use my phone in conjunction with my Bluetooth GPS as a vehicle navigation system. Pretty cool application!
The phone also has a camera built into it. Its resolution is only 640×480, but the quality’s not bad.

Here are a couple of pictures I took near my Take The High Road cache:

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