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The experiment continues

May 26, 2005 @ 13:47 By: gordon Category: General, VoIP

A couple of months ago I wrote about my experiments with voice over IP (VoIP). Today, I called Bell and had them strip all the features off my phone line, except for Caller*ID and add a busy transfer feature. I also dropped the long distance package I had since it’s been redundant since the experiment started. Now, if someone calls my Bell number and it’s busy, it will roll over to my Unlimitel DID.

Removing all these features is going to save me about $21/month. I think even the customer service rep at Bell was impressed.

2 Responses to “The experiment continues”

  1. adbecf says:

    What has your experience with Unlimitel.ca been like thus far?
    I just purchased an Unilimitel DID to point at Stanaphone’s Voicemail/Fax with Unlimitel’s “no answer transfer” service. It will end up costing me an additional $5/m above the $2.50 but it leaves the messy config in the hands of Unlimitel, and gives me the flexibility to check my messages and faxes by email, or configure the forward to a cell on the Stanaphone side. Instead of a phone, I went with a Sipura 1001 ATA from Voxilla. The day after I paid the evil import tariffs, they opened store.voxilla.ca. Always ahead of my time.
    -No issues so far other than outgoing audio issues, but connecting directly to the cablemodem proved the fault of my router’s only somewhat DM’d DMZ.

  2. gordon says:

    My experience with Unlimitel has been great! The quality of their audio is second to none and their technical support is great. As you read above, I ditched all of the features on my Bell line (except caller ID and busy tranfer). All of my calls are handled by my Asterisk box at home. Unlimitel gives me 5 sessions at a time and I’m sure if I asked for a higher limit they would offer it.

    I have a SIP phone from GNet that’s pretty good. Someday, I’d like to get a Cisco IP phone (or two), but I’m in no rush.

    I thought about getting my DID setup so that if it’s not registered (i.e. my Asterisk system is down for some reason) that it would roll over to my cellphone, but it hadn’t been an issue, so far.

    According to the latest CDR from Unlimitel, I still have $6.413 from the original $50 I gave them at the end of January.

    If you’re considering Unlimitel, I would highly recommend them. 🙂