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Updated Unlimitel dialplan

August 17, 2005 @ 00:02 By: gordon Category: VoIP

I’ve just updated the Asterisk-friendly Unlimitel dialplan I host based on the most recent information from Unlimiltel. It’s available here.

2 Responses to “Updated Unlimitel dialplan”

  1. Hi Gordan,
    Please repost the Unlimitel dialplan, it should be useful. Plus, it should bring traffic to your blog, there are several broken links to your dialplan. Thanks in advance!

  2. gordon says:

    Hi Denil…

    I’ll see what I can do. I actually recently revamped the way I handle outbound calls with Asterisk because the Unlimitel dialplan I had produced was a pain to manage and if you wanted to change the options you had to do some sort of search-and-replace.

    I’ll write something about how I handle it with a macro and post it this weekend.


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