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PokerBots: The solution to poker blogspam?

August 28, 2005 @ 07:54 By: gordon Category: General

Every day, I weed out numerous bits of blog spam from my blog advertising Texas hold ’em at online casinos and online “pharmacies”. Reading Slashdot this morning, there’s a bit about a Wired article about pokerbots.

The first thing that sprang to mind was that maybe pokerbots will make online casinos so unprofitable for their operators that they’ll shut down and go away.

One can only hope.

2 Responses to “PokerBots: The solution to poker blogspam?”

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    The pokerbots can only play on a few specific casinos, and those casinos are pretty good at developing counter-measures. The casino doesn’t actually care if somebody is winning money using a bot, because the bot is winning from the other players, not from the casino, but they realize that the other players won’t like it if there is a bot playing.

    Casinos make their money from “the rake”, collecting a percentage of every pot. According to a friend of mine who owns an on-line poker site, even small on-line poker sites are bringing in $150K/day. That’s a staggering amount of money.

  2. gordon says:

    $150K/day… I’m in the wrong line of work.