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Looking back at the first 100 caches

October 05, 2005 @ 12:06 By: gordon Category: Geocaching

On my way home from Toronto on Sunday, I did a number of geocaches at rest stops on the 401. One of those caches was my 100th find. Since my first find in April 2004, I have gone geocaching in three provinces, four states and three countries. I’ve also done a webcam cache, logged a benchmark in Key West and attended a 24-hour geocaching event in Ottawa. About a dozen travel bugs have gotten rides from me and I’ve released three of my own, one of which has since gone AWOL. 🙁

Another of my travel bugs has visited exotic places such as BC, Costa Rica, the Netherlands and France and has logged almost 20000km in the process.

In terms of caches hidden, I assumed ownership of one cache and placed two others. A third and possibly a fourth are in the works.

Geocaching has allowed me to see places I would not otherwise have seen. In particular, the series of virtual caches through Glacier National Park in Montana led me and my parents to some amazing locations.

What other activity could get someone out at 2am to go slithering down muddy slopes in the woods with a small flashlight in search of a Tupperware container containing trinkets you could probably find in your local dollar store?