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Arrogant Worms concert

April 17, 2006 @ 08:21 By: gordon Category: General

For my mom’s birthday on Saturday we all went to see the Arrogant Worms in concert at Centrepointe. I’ve been going to their concerts since the mid-1990’s and I’m happy to report that they’re still putting on a great show. The audience participation level is always high and you can tell that they have as much fun on the stage interacting with the audience as we do in the audience listening to them. Classic songs like Carrot Juice Is Murder, Jesus’ Brother Bob and Last Saskatchewan Pirate still evoke a great response from the listeners and along with those songs, they also did I Am Cow and many songs from their latest CD, Beige.

2 Responses to “Arrogant Worms concert”

  1. Paul Tomblin says:

    Glad to hear they’re still doing stuff. I must confess I sort of lost interest in them after buying “Idiot Road”. I’m not sure if it was the album, or me, but it didn’t really grab me the way the others I had did. Maybe it’s time to check out the new stuff.

    At one time, you could find on-line a video of Captain Tractor’s cover of Last Saskatchewan Pirate, and it was really good. But they took it down for some reason.

  2. gordon says:

    They’re worth checking out, Paul. I’m not sure that I like every single one of their songs to the same degree (gasp!) and if you’re not in the mood for their type of humour, I could see it leaving a bad taste in your mouth. Overall, however, I still look forward to going to their shows whenever they’re in town. 🙂

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