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gordon.dewis.ca — Now with a captcha

March 21, 2008 @ 16:46 By: gordon Category: Meta, WordPress

Though I have other things in place to ensure that blog spam doesn’t make it through in the comments, I still have to periodically have to review those that were blocked to ensure they aren’t false positives.  On the things-that-annoy-me-scale, this doesn’t rank very high, but it still registers.  To deal with this, I’ve added a captcha challenge that you have to pass when entering a comment.

Hopefully this doesn’t break anything else.

Allergies and flying

March 21, 2008 @ 01:19 By: gordon Category: Health, Seen on the 'net, Travelling

I’ve been reading a travel-related blog called Gadling lately.  Recently, one of the bloggers there recounted his experiences on a Southwest Airlines flight and ranted about the fact that he wasn’t served peanuts on the flight.  Apparently, Southwest Airlines opted to not serve peanuts because one of the other passengers was very allergic to peanuts.  The blogger was very skeptical that there are people with allergies that are so severe that they can’t even be in the vicinity of the allergen.

Unfortunately, there are.  And there’s an increasing number of people with nut allergies.