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gordon.dewis.ca — Now with a captcha

March 21, 2008 @ 16:46 By: gordon Category: Meta, WordPress

Though I have other things in place to ensure that blog spam doesn’t make it through in the comments, I still have to periodically have to review those that were blocked to ensure they aren’t false positives.  On the things-that-annoy-me-scale, this doesn’t rank very high, but it still registers.  To deal with this, I’ve added a captcha challenge that you have to pass when entering a comment.

Hopefully this doesn’t break anything else.

4 Responses to “gordon.dewis.ca — Now with a captcha”

  1. Squid says:

    without a doubt, the most difficult captcha I have seen from a human point of view… and I have very good vision.

  2. gordon says:

    But is that a good thing or a bad thing? I’ve noticed that although there have been attempts to spam my blog since I enabled the captcha, none have made it through.

  3. Squid says:

    Dunno. There’s a few blogs that have the same captcha every time, and apparently that works just as well. On the flip side, spammers are expending brain power to defeat captcha, so harder is probably better.

    I do know that I’ve had to reload it a few times to get readable ones.

  4. gordon says:

    There were a few captcha systems out there to choose from. This one was quite straightforward to install and doesn’t impose a significant load on the server.

    If it becomes too annoying then I’ll explore other captchas or maybe one of the open identity schemes, though I like this because it’s self-contained and doesn’t require another service to function.

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