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Canadians have a Wii bit o’ national pride

April 07, 2008 @ 23:08 By: gordon Category: Statistics, Wii

This just in from the Everybody Votes Channel available on the Nintendo Wii.

Question: Do you want to live in a foreign country?

  Yes No
Global 40.7% 59.3%
Male 40.8% 59.2%
Female 40.5% 59.5%
Canada ~30% ~70%

Worldwide Prediction Accuracy: 51.7%

According to the results, about two-thirds of Venezeulan Wii players want to live in a foreign country.  Most Japanese Wii players, on the other hand, are quite happy where they are with only a quarter wanting to live in a foreign country.

Canada ranked second from the bottom, just behind Japan, with about 30:70 in favour of not wanting to live somewhere else.  The United States was about 40:60.

Of course, the Everybody Votes Channel is not scientific, but it’s still interesting.