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Blogging naked

April 08, 2008 @ 06:04 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Meta

The third annual CSS Naked Day is going to be celebrated on April 9th. Its goal is to promote Web Standards, including proper use of (x)html, semantic markup, and a good hierarchy structure.

How it works is this: A webmaster registers their site at http://naked.dustindiaz.com/ and then on April 9th they remove all CSS (cascading style sheets — the things that make the web pretty) from their website.

There were at least 580 sites listed on the CSS Naked Day website when I registered my blog. In 2006, there were 763 sites that participated. 2007 saw 1689 sites participate. They’re expecting a lot more sites this year. Some sites go naked for longer than 24 hours to ensure they’re naked for 24 hours in all the various timezones around the world. I’ve installed the WordPress CSS Naked Day plugin, which offers a local time mode (just 24 hours) and a 48-hour mode, which is the “recommended” setting.

So, when you visit my blog on the 9th it’ll be naked for all to see. 🙂