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Dawn over the mid-Atlantic

May 21, 2008 @ 18:32 By: gordon Category: Geocaching, Greece 2008, Travelling

I wrote this Sunday morning starting at about 5am airplane time (GMT+1).

IMG_0091 Flight 872 from Toronto to Frankfurt is waking up. The cabin lighting has been switched from the deep blue night mode to a happy pinkish hue. I’ve been watching the dawn approach for about half an hour when there was just a light bluish tinge to the horizon. It’s now been joined by a dark orange band below it.

People are starting to move about the cabin and a cart full of “breakfast bits” just passed heading towards the front of the plane.

I was able to doze for a while, but I’ve been fidgeting in my seat trying to stretch out my legs. The seats on Air Canada’s 777W are quite comfortable as far as airplane seats go, but after several hours of sitting in I want to get up and wander about. But I didn’t want to wake my two seatmates, so I’ve had to make do.

<insert breakfast here>

Once breakfast was served, I got up and wandered about for a while. It felt good to stand up after sitting for so long.

The rest of the flight was fairly uneventful and we arrived in Frankfurt on-time. Clearance through customs was painless and the only thing about clearing security was that I forgot about a bottle of water that showed up on the x-ray. But, that really wasn’t a problem because when the security guy mentioned it I went “d’oh!” and retrieved it for him to throw out.

To pass the time before the next flight, I headed off to gate A42 with my parents to do a virtual geocache. Basically, you had to have your picture taken near the sign.

I’ll write more about the flight from Frankfurt to Athens and the time spent in Athens a bit later.