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When kidnapping a baby just isn’t enough…

July 19, 2008 @ 16:17 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Seen on the 'net

CNN has a story about a woman named Andrea Curry-Demus showed up at a hospital in Pennsylvania on Thursday with a newborn baby that still had part of its umbilical cord attached.  Apparently, she must have claimed that she’d given birth before she could make it to the hospital.  Naturally, the hospital performed some tests and determined that Curry-Demus was not, in fact, related to the baby.

On Friday, the police made the gruesome discovery of a woman’s body in an apartment.  Finding a body in an apartment isn’t too unusual, but what was is that the body was bound and the poor person had been eviscerated and her unborn baby cut from her body.  And it was in Curry-Demus’ apartment.

Curry-Demus has subsequently told the police that she bought the baby for $1000 from someone named “Tina”.

This isn’t the first time that Curry-Demus has been involved in something like this.  She tried to steal a baby at knife point in 1990 and when that didn’t work, she took a 3-week old baby being treated for meningitis at a hospital home after its mother had gone home for the evening.  She was sentenced to a few years for this little crime spree.

The scary thing is that Curry-Demus may not have come up with this little plan all on her own.  She might have been copying what Lisa Montgomery did to Bobbie Jo Stinnett in 2004.  Montgomery was convicted in October 2007 for almost the exact same crime.

Why do these people think they will get away with something as horrific as this?