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Playing nice in my sandbox

September 22, 2008 @ 18:56 By: gordon Category: Meta

The vast majority of the people who have commented on things I’ve written in my blog over the years have been polite.  They have refrained from ad hominem attacks and tossing around words like "bigot" and "racist", and for this I thank them.  I haven’t felt the need to tell people they need to play nice in my sandbox.  Until today.

I wrote a blog entry about the Kasper Holmberg incident before the identity of the hacker was revealed.  In that entry, I basically said that people who do things like that are not heroes and such behaviour should be discouraged.  I wrote a follow-up entry when the hacker’s identity was revealed which talked about what they were being charged with.

A couple of people have commented on the original entry, both of whom felt I was being harsh and unreasonable and that the hacker was essentially a modern day Robin Hood. One of the commenters clearly knows the hacker personally.  There was a back and forth, but when confronted with facts that clearly contradicted their assertion, the commenter responded by calling me a "stupid hateful bigot" and suggesting that I said what I said about the hacker "because of his name".  Both of those quotes are taken from the comment I moderated.

These accusations are unfounded and untrue. I didn’t know that the hacker’s name was Mansour Moufid when I wrote the entry, nor would it have had any bearing on what I wrote.  I stand by my assertion that he is not a hero for what he did and should be prepared to accept the consequences of his actions.

This is my blog and disrespectful behaviour towards me or other commenters will not be tolerated.  You are welcome to post comments disagreeing with what I write, but do so respectfully.  Toss around epithets or make ad hominem attacks and you can expect to be moderated.

For the vast majority of you who do play nice: Thank you!

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