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BlackBerry profile manager bounty expired

October 28, 2008 @ 20:00 By: gordon Category: BlackBerry

Well, 25:59 UT has come and gone.  This means that the bounty I posted for a location-based profile manager for the BlackBerry Curve has expired without being claimed. This is too bad because people who heard about it seemed very interested in it, with one even adding $25 to the original $50 I posted.

One Response to “BlackBerry profile manager bounty expired”

  1. An interesting idea, but I was pretty sure that $75 wasn’t enough to cut it. You could probably get it done at Rent-a-coder.com or however the domain name is spelled… but I bet it would cost closer to $500.

    With only $75, potential coders are going to say “insufficient interest”. It’s got to be 8-12 hours of coding and testing to get a v1.0 quality package out the door for something like this.

    Not worth it for your $75 unless they knew it would sell, and two people’s interest probably isn’t enough.

    I’ll put in a plug for you though… it’s my favourite application on my Nokia N95, and my N80 before that. I was told that once you use this kind of app, you never want to get rid of it. That person was correct 🙂

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