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Please support my iKettle

December 14, 2008 @ 13:13 By: gordon Category: Current affairs

So, we’re entering the second work week of no bus service. People are still carpooling and I must admit as a driver it’s kind of nice to not have to content with the buses on the road. Though I walk to work every day, I did have to make a couple of trips during the afternoon rush hour last week and it wasn’t that bad.

A story on the CBC’s website, which is also on the Salvation Army’s website, talks about the effect the strike is having on charities. You’ve probably seen Salvation Army volunteers in the shopping malls ringing bells next to their Christmas Kettles. Because many of the volunteers rely on transit to get to their stations they’re finding it difficult to get to their stations. And, even if they are able to get to where they’re collecting, there are fewer people donating because there are fewer people in the malls. Thus, the 5,000 families in Ottawa that the Salvation Army supports may find this Christmas even more tighter than it normally is. (The Salvation Army helps these families with food, clothing and heating, which are basic essentials of life.)

I’ve registered an iKettle with the Salvation Army, so if you would like to donate, you can do it online.

Do the bus drivers actually like the City’s offer?

December 14, 2008 @ 12:18 By: gordon Category: Current affairs, Transit strike

As you know, Local 279 of the Amalgamated Transit Union is on strike. Like many strike votes, not every member actually voted. The question begs to be asked: Do the bus driver’s who didn’t vote at all think the City’s offer is a bad deal?

Larry O’Brien is quoted in a CBC article as saying “We’re getting a lot of calls from drivers, who are saying, ‘We didn’t know what we were or were not voting on. We like what we’re seeing,'” and he’s challenging Andre Cornellier, head of the Amalgamated Transit Union local representing the drivers to put it to a vote.

So, what did the union actually tell its members about the offer before they voted?

It will be interesting to see whether there are any significant differences between the offer on the table now and the one that the union eventually accepts. I hope there are none.