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Trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation

March 11, 2009 @ 13:57 By: gordon Category: Out and about

Trenchless sewer rehabilitation (Scott Street) 001 There has been a City of Ottawa crew working on Scott Street between Holland and Parkdale the last couple of days. Yesterday, it looked like they were cleaning the pipes and fussing one of the manholes. Today, they’ve erected a fence around the manhole and been using a crane to pull what looks like a piece of white cloth out of the back of a tractor trailer.

My co-workers and I were speculating about what they’re doing before lunch. Among the things we came up with included cleaning up after an oil spill or something to do with the Freon discharge from the heating plant in Tunney’s Pasture last week.

I headed out at lunch and on the way back to the office I checked out the worksite and got the lowdown on it from the crew.