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Why you should never fall asleep in a tattoo parlour

June 17, 2009 @ 16:48 By: gordon Category: In the news, Seen on the 'net

_45938962_rouslantoumaniantzThe BBC has a story on their website about a girl in Belgium who went in to a tattoo parlour to have three small stars tattooed near her eye and ended up with 56 stars all over her face. She claims to have fallen asleep in the chair and only woke up when her nose was being tattooed and now she wants most of them removed. The tattoo artist claims she didn’t fall asleep and got exactly what she ordered and only changed her mind when her father freaked out. Which of the two sounds more likely to you?

Given the picture of the tattoo artist, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if they found themselves covered in tattoos should they happen to fall asleep while he was working on them.

And, how does one fall asleep when one is being tattooed anyway? I would think the pain would be more than enough to keep you awake.