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Industry Canada needs to fine the Saadés and confiscate their transmitter immediately

December 07, 2009 @ 12:50 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio, General

On Friday, I said:

Should he be fined? Not if he stops broadcasting, but if he continues then he should. If he does continue, I wouldn’t be surprised if Industry Canada confiscated the unlicensed transmitter.

At last report, the pirate radio station I wrote about that being run by Jayhaed Saadé is still on the air, despite having been told to cease and desist by Industry Canada.

If asked that question now, my answer would be: Yes, he should be fined to the maximum extent of the law, which is at least $5000 and possibly more. And all of the equipment should be confiscated, including the antenna and tower. Wading through a thread on the Digital Home forums, it appears I’m not alone in this sentiment.

The Ottawa Sun had a story that said he’s running a 2000 watt transmitter. Combined with his antenna, the footprint of his pirate station has a radius of at least 30km, with reports coming in from as far away as Franktown. And despite what Jayhaed has said in the Digital Home forum thread, he is interfering with other stations. CBC has a story where their reporter is unable to receive CBC Radio 1 (91.5 MHz) in close proximity to the transmitter, which you can watch here (it starts after the obligatory ad). (To put it in perspective, the maximum power a  licensed amateur radio operator with many more qualifications than Saadé has can run is 1000 watts.)

He is apparently applying for a license, which I hope he doesn’t obtain. Industry Canada would effectively be rewarding him for breaking the law if they were to grant him an FM broadcast license. They need to make an example of him and show that they’re serious when it comes to pirate radio stations.

But the problem isn’t just Jayhaed Saadé — it’s his father, Georges. Georges Saadé is actively encouraging him to ignore the cease and desist order from Industry Canada and knowingly break the law. Some people have even suggested that the Children’s Aid Society should investigate Georges Saadé for contributing to the delinquency of a minor by encouraging him to continue running his pirate station.