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Ottawa pirate radio station has its plug pulled

January 15, 2010 @ 12:34 By: gordon Category: Amateur radio, Current affairs, General

Pirate radio station antenna being dismantled (Kenneth Jackson/Ottawa Sun)

Pirate radio station antenna being dismantled (Kenneth Jackson/Ottawa Sun)

The Ottawa Sun just posted a story that after two cease-and-desist orders the RCMP and Industry Canada showed up at the Saadé International Hotel at 11:45 this morning where Jayhaed Saadé has his illegal radio station set up.

Apparently, Saadé Junior is still acting like a spoiled brat and not cooperating with the authorities because he has apparently hidden some of the equipment and isn’t telling anyone where it is, even his father. And he’s not taking it very well, either:

Jayhaed was mad, yelling at the police and was crying at one point, [Georges Saadé] said.

Tracking down the hidden equipment shouldn’t be that difficult because everything will have to be connected via cables. If the cables are hidden, then I imagine there could be some collatoral damage.

According to the story, Georges Saadé (the father) was told there wouldn’t be any charges, just that Industry Canada wants all of the equipment. That is incredibly generous of Industry Canada, who are probably considering the fact that the equipment they’re confiscating is worth about $80000 as punishment enough.

So, it sounds like the plug is finally being pulled. Hopefully, Saadé Junior will learn from this experience and realize that he’s subject to the same rules as everyone else.

Update: The Ottawa Citizen has a story on it, too.

A tip o’ the hat to one of the participants in the Digital Home forums who posted a link to the Ottawa Sun story.

3 Responses to “Ottawa pirate radio station has its plug pulled”

    • gordon says:

      It’s sad, really. Sad that he didn’t seemingly understand that the rules apply to everyone. Sad that he didn’t understand that there are consequences for one’s actions. And sad that his parents appeared to have little control over their son, particularly his access to large amounts of money.

      These are very serious charges as I suspect he is finally coming to realize and the sort of thing that can haunt someone for the rest of their life.

    • gordon says:

      I should add that I am very glad to see that he is being charged with violating the Radiocommunication Act, something I was concerned wouldn’t be pursued once they had taken all his stuff.


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