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When your life resembles a chewing gum commercial it’s time to get a second opinion on things

January 16, 2010 @ 08:09 By: gordon Category: Seen on the 'net

IMG_2333 There’s an ad for Excel gum that been on tv here in Canada lately. Two guys are sitting on the couch, watching tv. One guy has a big red maple leaf outline on his face, which the other guy asks about. The first guy replies “what better way to show one’s support than by having a giant red maple leaf on your face?”. The other guy comments that Excel gum has put a maple leaf on each piece of gum. The first guy responds “which would you rather have? A small red maple leaf on a piece of gum or a big red maple leaf tattooed on your face?”. The second guy responds “That’s a tattoo? Dude, I have to be honest – I’d choose the gum.” (Well, duh, right?)

So, no one would really tattoo something like a big red maple leaf, a bunch of stars or …. Oh, wait… there was that girl who had a bunch of stars tattooed on her face a few months ago.

Ok, but no one in their right mind would have fake glasses tattooed on their face, right? And they definitely wouldn’t upload a video of it to YouTube, right?

Whoops… wrong again…

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