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From bad to worse to better

May 20, 2010 @ 17:48 By: gordon Category: General

I started off the day in a bad mood and as the day progressed it seemed like things were deliberately conspiring to put me in an even worse mood at almost any turn. The final straw was a phone call I had this afternoon from someone who, aside from being very rude, disrespectful and close minded, actually said “you don’t want to get into it with me!”

This stunned me. I really hadn’t done anything to warrant this, so I said…

“Are you threatening me? Why don’t I want to?”

“Because I’m always right. Always.”

Seriously, the guy actually said that and he genuinely believed it.

Our conversation, such as it was, really didn’t improve from that point and I shortly decided I’d had enough, hung up and stomped off to a meeting, which fortunately didn’t aggravate me further.

But I brooded about it for the rest of the afternoon until I got home just a few minutes ago.

I bumped into someone who offered do something productive related to the topic of the conversation that got me so pissed off and I even got to vent a tiny bit about the person from the phone call.

And now I’m feeling much less pissed off. It’s amazing what one person basically saying “how can I help you?” can do to improve one’s mood, eh?

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