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Do Not Call List violations by Ottawa This Week (613-221-6247)

October 01, 2010 @ 17:57 By: gordon Category: General

Three times during the last month I’ve received an automated phone call from Ottawa This Week, not-so-subtly advertising that they’re a new “community newspaper” and then went on to say that the call wasn’t a marketing call. Instead they’re calling to offer employment to people who might be interested in being a carrier for them.

The first time they called on the 18th of September, their auto-dialer left a message on my voicemail. If you click on the triangle in the player, you can listen to it.

The second and third times they called, yesterday afternoon and this afternoon, I was home and the message was slightly different. In it they also said you could press 1 to speak to someone about being a carrier.

Yesterday, I pressed 1.