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Coyote fur coats, PETA and a tempest in a teacup

December 18, 2010 @ 00:22 By: gordon Category: In the news

Card Trudeau 20101216It’s been a couple of years since I last blogged about PETA so I thought it was about time to do it again since they’ve gotten themselves all bent out of shape over Justin Trudeau’s Christmas card photo.

The photo show him and his family wearing coyote fur parkas and a fur blanket, which PETA has called “a lurid way of celebrating peace on Earth”.

Trudeau responded with a quote he gave to the Toronto Sun that I think his father would be proud of:

“I think one of the ways of calculating whether you’re doing things right or not is looking at who’s opposing you and PETA has lost much of any credibility it had in Canada.”

(Personally, I think PETA is overdrawn at the credibility bank after their unspeakably insensitive ad comparing the Greyhound bus beheading incident a couple of years ago with what goes on in a slaughterhouse, but I digress…)

Some facts about Canada that may interest PETA:

  • Canada was built on the fur trade
  • Coyotes are not an endangered species
  • Coyotes are essentially vermin in some parts of the country
  • Throwing paint on people is assault (I’m just sayin’…)

The fact of the matter is that there are more pressing social issues than whether Justin Trudeau has a coyote fur coat. Homelessness, poverty, street kids and child abuse spring to mind. A few fur coats pale in comparison, don’t you think?

One Response to “Coyote fur coats, PETA and a tempest in a teacup”

  1. PETA is all about self-aggrandization. They are, in large part, people who are otherwise unsuccessful at a productive endeavour selling bullshit to stupid people.

    From time to time they catch a famous stupid person in their web and thus there is PETA’s “naked supermodel” campaign, but for the most part PETA is comprised of simple misanthropes who thrive on publicity. They exist only to make themselves feel good at other people’s expense.

    At least people who kick puppies for fun are only hurting animals. PETA kicks people for fun.

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