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Early morning flights

March 16, 2011 @ 07:46 By: gordon Category: Travelling

I like traveling and flying doesn’t bother me. However, there is one aspect of flying that I don’t like: early morning flights.

Apart from the fact that no one I know would describe me as a morning person (and many would probably laugh out loud at the suggestion), early morning flights always mean that I sleep poorly the night before because I’m always afraid I’ll sleep in and miss my flight.

This morning saw me have to catch a flight at 5:50am – a time that normally does not exist in my world. Since I ended up finishing my packing late yesterday evening I decided to stay up rather than go to bed for a couple of hours. A flight that early means that I had to head out the door by 4:30am, which realistically meant I would have had to get up at about 3:45am.

I’m in Montreal waiting for the second of three flights today (the’s nothing like traveling on points to cause creative routings) and it’s grey and wet. At least it’s not snowing and they don’t appear to be deicing the planes.

Next stop: Newark, an airport of which I do not have fond memories.